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Aaron Buerge of ‘The Bachelor’ 2002 seeks Chapter 7 protection

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2011 | Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Firm News

Aaron Buerge, star of the second season of ABC’s “The Bachelor,” is apparently facing another round of bad luck. His stint on the TV series ended with an engagement, but it was broken just weeks after the show’s finale. Buerge has since married, but it seems he is now in financial trouble. He is now facing home foreclosure and has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

This represents a bit of a turn for Buerge, who is president of First National Bank in Springfield, Missouri. During the 2002 season of “The Bachelor,” he bought a 2.78-carat Harry Winston diamond ring for his proposal to elementary school psychologist Helene Eksterowicz. (When that engagement ended, he insisted Eksterowicz keep the ring, although Buerge later suggested they auction the ring on eBay and split the proceeds.)

Buerge married Angye McIntosh, a recruiter at Ozarks Tech Community College, in 2009. “Angie Buerge” is listed as a co-debtor on the Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition, although she did not file jointly.

Buerge’s bankruptcy petition indicates that most of his liabilities are business debts. In his personal bankruptcy petition, he notes that three businesses he owns, Trolley’s LLC, Trolley’s Overland Park LLC and Trolley’s Real Estate Holdings, have also filed for bankruptcy in separate cases still pending. They are also listed as co-debtors on his personal petition.

In his petition, Buerge also lists three lawsuits that have been filed against him: a foreclosure, a collection action and a defamation claim. He also lists a withdrawal from his personal 401(k) account to pay his bankruptcy lawyer.

The couple, who lives in Springfield, Missouri, claims assets of approximately $2.3 million and debts of around $9.3 million. Among his assets are listed the couple’s condo, a Chickering Grand Piano, a gold pocket watch, a men’s diamond ring, his wife’s a diamond wedding ring, a Sig Sauer pistol, and a 1994 Sea Ray 400 EC boat and accessories worth $85,000.

Buerge filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Kansas on February 11.


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