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Notorious mother of 14 files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

On Behalf of | May 7, 2012 | Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Firm News

You might know her as the “Octomom,” but Nadya Suleman is more than the woman who gave birth to eight kids. She is the mother of a total of 14 kids, and those numbers have worked against her financially.

Last week, reports indicated that Suleman filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. She claims that bankruptcy is a necessary step for her to get a fresh start for the sake of her and her many children. She says that she is as much as $1 million in debt.

This isn’t the most surprising bankruptcy announcement. Since Suleman gave birth to her children in January 2009 and hit the media limelight, the public has worried along with the mother of multiples how she could manage to provide for her many children. She was reportedly already living off of government assistance before the octuplets were born.

It is enough financial stress for households with two working parents to figure out how to have children and afford their care. These days, both parents often need to work outside of the home to bring in enough money to support their family. Most families, however, do not have 14 kids’ mouths to feed. And while families can usually find a way to afford daycare for their kids, affording daycare for 14 would be a near impossibility for almost anyone, especially an already struggling single parent like Suleman. She is currently unemployed.

Sources report that Suleman owes money for rent, water, cable, her kids’ education and more. She is currently at risk of losing her home to foreclosure as well. An upcoming post will discuss that aspect of her financial struggles in more detail. Check back soon.

Source: CBS News, “‘Octomom’ files for bankruptcy, owes $30K in rent, up to $1M in debt,” May 1, 2012

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