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Florida state senator: Bad credit shouldn’t keep you from getting a job

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2013 | Credit Card Debt, Firm News

Most of us around Orlando know that a poor credit history can affect you in certain ways, such as your ability to obtain financing for a new car or home. But can (and should) it affect your ability to get a new job?

As we discussed earlier, it is a fact that certain employers do look at the credit histories of applicants. By one estimate, about 50 percent of employers evaluate credit histories in some form.

In some cases, employers let a history that has a bruise or two dissuade them from hiring that employee. We do not think this is right, but it seems the rationale is that someone who has a checkered credit history will let financial problems interfere with his or her work, cause the employer problems in terms of wage garnishment and the like, or both.

As we said, we do not think this practice represents good policy. That is why we are happy to tell you that recently, State Sen. Nancy Detert introduced a bill that forbids assessing an applicant’s credit history as part of the hiring practice.

The bill does not apply to people seeking positions as managers or law enforcement officers, among other exceptions, but on the whole, we think it is a positive step.

The bill has not been introduced into House yet, so it isn’t a law. Even so, we are glad to see that our lawmakers are aware that credit histories perpetuating the unemployment cycle is a real problem and seem willing to address the issue.

Source: The Orlando Sentinel, “Should a spotty credit history keep you from getting a job?” Jim Stratton, Feb. 11, 2013

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