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Some good news about home foreclosure for Florida rates

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2013 | Firm News, Home Foreclosure

While any foreclosure can be unsettling and affect the lives of people who are looking to keep a roof over their heads, new home foreclosure rate numbers are slightly encouraging. The recession led to an incredible spike in home foreclosure rates in Florida and all across the country. As the economy improves, the rates have fallen a bit.

The most recent numbers reported show that there were 51,000 homes foreclosed in September of this year. While that may sound high, it is down from August slightly. Even more encouraging, the number for this September is 39 percent less than the number nationally for September of last year.

While numbers are decreasing, Florida is still one of five states with the highest rate of completed home foreclosures in the country. In the last year, there were 115,000 home foreclosures completed. In all, since the height of the recession in 2008, there have been a total of 4.6 million homes foreclosed on across the country.

As the numbers continue to drop across the country from month to month, Florida homeowners may find some relief from the fear of home foreclosure. Florida has also implemented a number of programs to help those who are still struggling to keep the roof over their heads. One option many homeowners across the country are looking into is qualifying for a loan modification. It can result in a lower interest rate and lower payments, helping homeowners avoid losing their home as they begin to emerge from any financial hardship the recession has caused. Others may benefit from seeking bankruptcy protection as a responsible option while they seek to resolve longstanding financial problems and forge a path for a return to financial security.

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