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Court backlog still issue for Florida home foreclosure process

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2014 | Firm News, Home Foreclosure

Whenever there is an issue with paying a mortgage, fears of a potential foreclosure can wreak havoc on a family. In Florida, the home foreclosure process can take months, even years to resolve. The length of time and sheer volume of the past few years has made for a backlog of cases for the courts to try to manage.

While steps are being taken to speed up the process, officials say they have years of cases to clear. The actual cases can take only minutes to preside over, but the wait to get there is still lengthy. There are even times when the lenders themselves ask for the case to be dismissed or ask for an extension, essentially sending the case to the very back of the line.

There are many ways that homeowners are actually coming out of home foreclosure hearings as winners, however. Some are able to prove improper signatures or have cases where the lenders don’t have the necessary paperwork with them. While the homeowner is always happy to win, it was reported that, since last July 1, roughly 44 percent of Florida home foreclosure hearings were dismissed without a final judgment and further added to the thousands that are backlogged.

Many officials blame the court process in Florida for the high number of home foreclosures still pending. While this backlog ends happily for some who find themselves still able to stay in their homes, others wait years for a judgment reinforcing the fact that they could not remain in the home. Any Florida homeowner who is struggling may benefit from knowing about programs and options that may help them avoid the home foreclosure process and, thus, avoid becoming part of the backlog.

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