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Avoiding fraud when seeking debt relief help in Florida

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2014 | Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Firm News

When someone feels paralyzed by overwhelming debt, they may seek out any means of controlling that debt or cutting down costs. However, there are entities and groups who willfully prey on and seek out those who are in need of debt relief. Florida residents who are struggling to find a reliable means of debt relief should be aware of scams or fraudulent sources of help that may come their way.

One common fraud alert tip is to avoid any kind of loan source that asks for a fee before giving the loan. This also rings true for work-from-home or business opportunities that ask interested parties to send funds or buy materials before they begin to earn profits that often sound too good to be true. When a person is in debt, dishing out funds to earn or receive more funds often ends with simply falling victim to a scam.

Debt relief services are extremely popular with those who may be overwhelmed with credit card debt. There are very explicit rules and regulations when it comes to the promises and claims that can be made by a debt relief service. Anyone interested in debt relief services may benefit from also knowing advance fees cannot be charged before services are given.

When someone is in need of debt relief, the amount of services available can be confusing. Falling victim to any kind of scam or illegal service can lead to even more financial issues and debt problems. Any Florida resident who is unsure how to deal with debt, or what means of debt relief help may best benefit their lifestyle, may want to explore options such as personal bankruptcy as a means of getting the fresh start they need.

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