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Mistaken home foreclosure shocks Florida residents

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2014 | Firm News, Home Foreclosure

It can make for a difficult time when a family is struggling financially and has to consider their options when it comes to their home. Once a Florida homeowner ventures into the home foreclosure process, it can be a long and complicated ordeal. However, there are times when banks make mistakes and foreclose on the wrong homes, causing undo stress for those who may not have any mortgage issues, as was the case for one Florida couple recently.

The couple came home from a trip to New York and discovered that the locks had been changed and all the utilities to their home had been turned off. A company that inspects and maintains foreclosed properties in Florida had taken action against the couple’s home, believing they were in default. The company simply had the wrong address.

The homeowners believe the company should have been able to tell the house was not an abandoned property that had gone through foreclosure. They also contend they were embarrassed to think that neighbors may have assumed they really were being foreclosed on. The company and others like it have faced a number of accusations of similar incidents and essentially have been accused of breaking into homes.

In Florida, there are a high number of properties left vacant due to home foreclosure. The actual process itself can take years, and the property may look abandoned. Dealing with a company that forecloses on a property by mistake may still cause significant problems for the homeowner. Still other homeowners are battling these issues because their finances have prevented them from keeping the lender at bay. Anyone who is struggling with home foreclosure issues may benefit from having a clear understanding of the timeline, the process and other debt relief options for keeping their home.

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