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Tips for Florida residents looking for debt relief

On Behalf of | May 28, 2014 | Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Firm News

Debt can be a serious issue for families. It has plagued Americans long before and long after the recession. The recession certainly made more Florida residents aware of their debt and caused some to look for ways to reduce that debt. Any Florida resident still dealing with mortgage, credit card or medical debt may be interested in a few tips to achieve debt relief.

One source of debt relief is through debt consolidation. This allows for people who are saddled with unsecured debt to have less bills to deal with. A lower interest rate, once all unsecured debt is consolidated, can help save money over the long term. Negotiating directly with creditors is also a good idea, as many creditors will work with individuals to lower rates and even forgive the balance of some debt.

One potential tool for debt relief is the ability to refinance a mortgage. This can create a lower payment and also free up funds to go toward other debt. Bankruptcy as a means of discharging debt is also a viable option for those who are seeking debt relief.

The options for Florida residents who are seeking debt relief are varied. Deciding which option to pursue may depend on the individual situation and may require gathering and reviewing all of the relevant information before making a decision on proceeding. Debt relief options can help struggling families gain their financial footing and better prepare for the future. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation can be a responsible option to clear away debt that has simply become unmanageable.

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