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Family fights home foreclosure for years

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2014 | Firm News, Home Foreclosure

Whenever a family runs into financial trouble and seeks various means of help, there may be lots of paperwork and documentation involved. The quest to obtain a mortgage modification or going through the bankruptcy process as a means of avoiding home foreclosure can be time-consuming, and the paperwork may be vital for dealing with any miscommunications. Florida residents who are working to avoid home foreclosure may be interested in the story of one family who found themselves foreclosed on after years of keeping records to support their quest to stay in the home.

The battle the family has endured has gone on for over a decade. The issues started when they received notice that they missed a payment, and the lender planned to foreclose on the home. They provided documentation stating otherwise, multiple times. The next year, they applied for a modification due to financial hardship. They also filed bankruptcy during this time.

Even after approval for bankruptcy and receiving a discharge of debt decree, they got a notice saying they were behind in payments. They contend the discharge of bankruptcy would not have been approved if they had missed payments. They applied for another modification and received a notice of eviction before they were denied or approved for the modification.

The family has sought the help from government officials to help them sort out the details and pursue legal action. The process of home foreclosure can be difficult to understand, and the timeline can be even more difficult when a family is dealing with modification of a mortgage or bankruptcy. Anyone in Florida who is dealing with bankruptcy and is unsure of how it will factor into a home foreclosure or loan modification may benefit from seeking clarification of current laws.

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