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Credit card debt help should be from legitimate source

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2015 | Credit Card Debt, Firm News

Those who struggle with credit card debt may feel overwhelmed and distressed when it comes to finding ways to eliminate or control that debt. Florida residents plagued by credit card debt may find it impossible to know whom to trust or what steps to take to control that debt. Knowing the difference between a legitimate source of help and a scam is vital and can save both time and money.

Recently, a case in Florida unfolded as a company was involved in scamming people who had troublesome debt. The scam reached consumers nation-wide. After being identified as a scam, the company was shut down and its assets were frozen. Unfortunately, the scammers had already bilked customers for millions of dollars.

One way some people could tell the operation was a scam was by the manner in which the company contacted potential victims. The calls looked suspicious on caller ID. Also, the caller would ask for money up front to help victims. Often, they wanted money with a false promise to help lower interest rates or improve the credit score of a potential victim. Experts caution any company that wants money up front is probably a scam.

For those who are fearful of what credit card debt will do to their long-term financial outlook, talking with professionals about options such as bankruptcy can provide some peace of mind and help avoid scammers. Bankruptcy can help a Florida resident discharge credit debt or reorganize the debt resulting in a clear pay-off plan and timeline. Legitimate help, such as bankruptcy, can be the best way to get credit card debt under control without fears of being a victim of a scam or falling prey to unsavory offers of help.

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