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Don’t fall for home foreclosure myths in Florida

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2015 | Firm News, Home Foreclosure

Despite all the media attention brought to the home foreclosure process after the recession, the actual process and after effects can still be shrouded in mystery and misinformation. Being on the verge of a home foreclosure, or investigating ways to keep a home in Florida while facing home foreclosure, is a possibility that can be stressful enough for any family. Myths and false information about the process can make it even more stressful. One myth to debunk is that homeowners in foreclosure cannot vote.

Regardless of what stage a home foreclosure is in, the homeowner can still vote in elections. Back in colonial times, land holdings had to be properly documented in order to vote. However, that’s not true today.

The actual process of home foreclosure can be quite long, and the timeline for finalization of a foreclosure is typically difficult to pinpoint. The length of time that it takes to finalize a foreclosure may be beneficial for those seeking to find alternatives to the process in order to keep their homes. One aspect of foreclosure that actually may impact voting is location. If a home owner has moved to a new voting district, the information may need to be updated before voting again.

There are other myths that cause undue concern for struggling homeowners. When thinking about how to avoid home foreclosure or considering the benefits of filing for bankruptcy to deal with a pending home foreclosure, it is vital that Florida homeowners know the facts and have access to current information. For some, the successful navigation of bankruptcy proceedings can be the first step to regaining financial independence, often with the ability to retain one’s principal residence.

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