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Survey shows that credit card debt may be a deterrent in dating

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2017 | Credit Card Debt, Firm News

There are a variety of factors to take into account when determining who to date. Opinions on religion, politics and child rearing are often areas of concern. According to a recent study by an online refinancing marketplace, money and finances are also major factors to consider when dating. In fact, the survey showed that over 30 percent of residents in Florida and all over the country considered credit card debt when deciding whether to date a person.

The survey revealed that the level of credit card debt was more important than someone experiencing a previous divorce. It was also viewed as more critical than if they had children from an earlier marriage. It also showed that just around 12 percent of the survey respondents had an issue with student loan debt.

Experts link financial struggles with other possible concerns. For example, some advisors believe that how a person handles finances can predict how he or she will behave as a spouse or parent. For credit card debt, some are interested in determining what types of purchases led to the balances. A debt caused by a medical emergency may be viewed in a better light than one caused by nonessential purchases.

Analysts recommend discussing credit card or any other debts in any dating relationship that may lead to something more serious. It is important since someone with balances on cards or other accounts may be paying a significant amount of interest. For example, an average of roughly $1,300 in credit card interest is paid annually by each household in the United States.

Credit card debt is an ongoing issue for many consumers, regardless of whether they are in the process of dating. Whatever the reason may be, if someone desires help with their burden of credit card debt, it would be helpful to contact a Florida bankruptcy lawyer. A knowledgeable attorney can help clients develop a personalized plan to help them regain control of their financial situation.

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