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Emotions you can expect when filing for bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | Bankruptcy

People who are in considerable debt may do everything they can to try to make ends meet. There comes a point when you realize that there won’t be enough money each month to cover everything. That’s when you know it’s time to act.

Filing for bankruptcy issues the automatic stay, which stops creditors from trying to collect money from you. That often provides a sigh of relief, but other emotions might also come up during the process.


Bankruptcy was once viewed as a lazy way out of debt, but updates to the bankruptcy laws have helped to ensure that the protections are helping those who truly need it. There’s nothing to be ashamed about during the bankruptcy process. It takes a mature person to recognize that they have a problem bigger than they can handle on their own and find a way to get the help they need.


For some people, the worst emotional turmoil during bankruptcy is the uncertainty. They aren’t sure what life will be like while the case is moving through the court system. They might be unsure of how they’ll begin to rebuild their credit and start to live a normal life again. You can combat these emotions by embracing the education that you receive during bankruptcy. You’ll be given tools and tactics to help you avoid overwhelming debt in the future.

Anyone who’s drowning in debt should consider all their options for reclaiming their financial future. Bankruptcy is one option that can help. Working with someone familiar with the process can help you to learn your rights and responsibilities.  

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