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Managing the emotional toll of filing personal bankruptcy in Florida


There are several strategies bankruptcy filers should take to help themselves cope with the difficult emotions that surround this process.

For many people in Florida, filing bankruptcy is the best option to help them solidify a fresh financial start and get out of debt. While filing personal bankruptcy can provide consumers wit an opportunity to start again financially, the process can still take an emotional toll. However, there are steps debtors can take when they decide to file to cope with negative emotions, like shame, grief and sadness, that may occur.

Accept difficult emotions

Those who file bankruptcy may go through the classic stages of grieving, which can include denial. During this time, filers should remember that to overcome these feelings, they need to allow themselves to feel them. However, filers should also keep in mind that just because they accept these negative feelings does not mean they should resign themselves to them all the time. Accepting these emotions is simply an opportunity to let go and get back to thinking positively.

Change perspectives

While considering bankruptcy, many potential filers feel like this legal process is a shameful process indicative of failure. However, those who decide to file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy should remember that filing bankruptcy is the opportunity for a new beginning. This process can also be used as a learning tool that should be used as the chance to get back to financial stability.

Make a plan

Since bankruptcy can provide a fresh financial start, filers should remember that how well the future goes depends on how well they manage their finances from that point on. After the filing process concludes, filers should set small, achievable goals and celebrate as they meet them along the way. Meeting these small financial goals can also help filers feel like they are making changes.

Find someone to talk to

Those who plan on filing for bankruptcy should find someone who can provide them with emotional support as they go through this process. While a mental health professional can be helpful, filers may find that consulting with a family member or close friend can also help. While filers may feel that they will only overburden their loved ones with their feelings, they should remember there is no shame in requesting help.

Work with a trusted attorney

Navigating the paperwork and procedures associated with filing bankruptcy in Florida can be overwhelming. Due to this, filers should contact an attorney in their area who can help make this process as seamless as possible.

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