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How filing bankruptcy without an attorney could hurt a case


Have you considered filing bankruptcy? Find out why it may be a good idea to hire an attorney to help you.

When debts get to be too much, a person has the option of filing bankruptcy in Florida. When a person decides to file, he or she can do it him or herself or he or she can hire an attorney. Some people choose to file their own case to save money because using an attorney will require paying fees. However, not hiring an attorney may be more expensive in the end. An attorney can offer insight and assistance that comes from legal knowledge the average person does not have. In addition, a bankruptcy attorney is so used to filing such cases, he or she can file a person’s case with ease because it is something he or she does all the time. Beyond that, there are specific things that could go wrong if a person files their own case without the help of an attorney.

Creditors get the upper hand

One of the biggest risks a person takes when filing his or her own bankruptcy case is in dealing with creditors. Creditors do not want to let go of the money owed to them, so they could get difficult to deal with. It is not always easy to iron out a deal with a creditor, but an attorney who works on these cases regularly will find it easy to handle even the toughest creditors.

Something is misunderstood

The United States Courts explains that each person has the right to file bankruptcy without representation, but that doing so could open the door to misunderstandings that hurt his or her case. Bankruptcy law is complex. There are many details to it and every step must be done properly. An attorney can advise a person and ensure he or she is providing all the documentation required and meeting all the deadlines so the case is not dismissed due to a technicality.

Advice is needed but not accessible

When people file their own bankruptcy case, there is often a time when they need legal advice that can only come from an attorney. When a person has not hired an attorney, it could leave them without anyone to turn to for help. The United States Bankruptcy Court Middle District of Florida, explains that court personnel may be able to help a person get forms and give details on when court hearings are, but they cannot offer any advice or assistance. Some people mistakenly think they can, leaving them without any real assistance when they need it.

While each person can decide whether they need an attorney or not when filing bankruptcy, it really is worth considering what could happen without legal help. An attorney can serve as a guide and offer valuable help throughout the course of the bankruptcy to ensure a case ends the way a person wants. For a peace of mind, it is recommended by the courts that people hire an attorney to help them file their bankruptcy case.

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