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Filing bankruptcy isn’t as simple as some debt relief agencies make it sound. You will be required to gather financial records and agreements dating back many years. You will be required to pass a financial means test to determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to eliminate your debt, or must petition for Chapter 13 to restructure an affordable court-supervised repayment plan with your creditors. At the Law Office of Paul L. Urich, P.A., I personally handle every aspect of your bankruptcy petition, from initial record gathering and means test through the final discharge hearings.

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Initial Hiring

Here’s the really good news about the process: From the minute you retain me to represent you, your creditors will be required by law to deal directly with me for all future collections. No more harassing phone calls at dinner time or collections letters in the daily mail. When they call, you tell them you have a lawyer. Under the law, it’s the last you will hear from them.

The Petition

Unlike many central Florida bankruptcy law firms, I handle everything about the initial petition. A legal petition for bankruptcy can be as long as 50 pages and require financial details that are confusing and frustrating. I won’t send you home and ask you to come back with the forms filled out. I want to understand your circumstances and your financial needs. The best way to do that is to work directly with you as we fill in the blanks and go through your financial circumstances with a fine-toothed comb. Your creditors and the bankruptcy judge will uncover everything, so I know how important it is to avoid delays and restarts. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will get everything right before we submit your petition to the courts.

The Legal Negotiations, Creditors Hearings And Motions

Upon receiving the petition, your creditors will begin preparing their case for having certain debts removed. Typically, the judge will order a ‘meeting of the creditors’ where your creditors will argue that they want their money, rather than a forfeiture of property. They will petition the court and I will handle all motions and hearings to fight to have as much of your debt included in the petition as the courts will allow. Don’t worry, I will attend all necessary hearings and court appointments during this part of the process. This part of the legal process typically takes anywhere from four to six months.

The 341 Hearing

It is likely that the only time you will be required to appear in court is at your 341 hearing. This is the final part of the process, at which your creditors will represent themselves and offer any final arguments against your petition. You may be asked to answer some questions from the judge directly but I will be present to advise you every step of the way. In most cases, the 341 hearing is simply a formality to approve the final discharge of the debt (Chapter 7) or the final restructuring of a court-supervised repayment plan (Chapter 13).

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