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Credit card debt can have costly consequences

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2014 | Credit Card Debt, Firm News

Whenever someone struggles with credit card debt, there may be many options for them to pursue as a means of regaining control. If someone has past-due credit card debt and is unaware of the debt or is unable to pay it off, there may be a variety of consequences. One consequence is being sued by the credit card company. Florida residents may be interested to know what can happen if they are sued by a credit card company.

Recently, people have been shocked to find out they have been the subject of litigation for not paying credit card debt. One man inherited his mom’s house only to lose it after litigation. He claims he was never notified of a $2,500 MasterCard debt. He also said he did not even have a MasterCard, yet he was proved to be liable for the debt. The man ended up losing his mother’s home over the debt.

There are situations where people claim to have been served notices for back-due credit card debt. If a person is being sued for the debt and does not show up to defend him or herself or make moves toward rectifying the debt, he or she may be subject to legal consequences, such as wage garnishment and others. One issue for those who are in debt is the fact that litigation can come about long after the debt was incurred, and people may find it difficult to defend themselves or produce any proof that may help their cause.

Credit card debt is taken very seriously in Florida. Anyone struggling with credit card debt should be aware of the potential actions that can be taken against them. They may also want to be aware of options for dealing with credit card debt, such as debt consolidation and some forms of bankruptcy that may help discharge credit card debt.

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