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Florida home wrongfully pegged as home foreclosure site

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2015 | Firm News, Home Foreclosure

The home foreclosure process can be tough to navigate, both legally and emotionally, and many people are unaware of what may be legal and what may not be. If a case gets particularly complicated and a bank acts illegally concerning home foreclosure, a homeowner will certainly want to be aware of her or his rights. One Florida homeowner is taking legal action against his bank after he says it told contractors to break in and post a notice. 

The homeowner claims that the two men who were involved worked as the bank’s contractors. According to his statements, they allegedly entered his home illegally and put up a sign declaring the place to be vacant or unsecure. The lawsuit also contends the men involved told his neighbors that his house was in the midst of foreclosure.

The man is suing the bank over the incident. In his complaint, the bank is accused of an invasion of privacy and trespassing on private property. As of the latest reports, the bank has not publicly commented on the case.

The home foreclosure process is often highly personal. Warranted or not, anyone facing the threat of home foreclosure or even those wrongfully pegged as being in foreclosure should fully understand their legal options and what to expect as home foreclosure unfolds. There may be options, such as bankruptcy, that can put a temporary stay on home foreclosure proceedings and give a struggling Florida homeowner a chance to catch up on payments or find an alternative solution.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Ex-Chicago officer says bank broke into his home“, March 9, 2015

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