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Why an attorney can be a good choice for help with debt relief

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2015 | Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Firm News

Debt is a serious issues for many American families. Florida families in particular have struggled in recent years, leaving them looking for ways to deal with overwhelming debt and find viable debt relief solutions. One popular solution has been to utilize a credit counseling agency for debt relief; however, there are many reasons why the assistance and guidance of an attorney may be more beneficial.

A credit counseling agency may help in some cases, but some have been discovered to be fraudulent or, at least, less than honest. Often, these agencies do not make concerted efforts to let clients know all of the available options and which options may be best suited to their situations. Also, people who are struggling may discover they can achieve the same outcomes by negotiating with creditors themselves or with the help of attorneys.

For example, an attorney working toward debt relief for a client may have a better chance of negotiating a fair settlement, as creditors are more likely to work with clients who have attorneys in their corners. Another reason an attorney may be beneficial is that, if negotiations fail, bankruptcy is another viable option. Consumers who have attorneys who are already familiar with their financial situations will generally find the transitions from debt negotiation to bankruptcy to be seamless. 

Dealing with debt relief options can be stressful and overwhelming for Florida families. However, when those families understand their options and know the facts, they may feel more prepared to make the decisions that are best for them. For some, bankruptcy can be an excellent option that can help families move forward after difficult financial times.

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