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Finance company sued for alleged illegal home foreclosure

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2017 | Firm News, Home Foreclosure

Many Florida residents and others around the country dream of home ownership. However, sometimes the mortgage payments for a home can put a drain on a family’s finances. In dire circumstances, banks may choose to foreclose on a home if a homeowner cannot regularly make mortgage payments. A woman in another state has claimed that a finance company conducted an illegal home foreclosure on her residence.

In Apr. 2007, the woman got a mortgage loan through the Federal Housing Administration. Sometime later, the loan was transferred to a major bank. The woman stated that she asked for help with making her mortgage payments. A loan modification was approved for her during this timeframe. After she received the approval for modification, the loan was transferred to a finance company.

The modification was initially established as a three-month trial. The woman contacted the finance company to make the modification permanent. However, she was informed that the process could take several months. A representative from the company told the woman to continue to make payments at a certain amount while the issue was resolved.

The billing statements from the company contained incorrect information and never reflected the payments remitted by the woman. The lawsuit also stated that the plaintiff was denied requests to modify the loan again. The finance company foreclosed on the woman’s house in Apr. 2017. She is seeking punitive and compensatory damages in the lawsuit.

Someone facing home foreclosure would benefit from a discussion with a Florida bankruptcy attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer will work with clients to develop a plan that will help them stay in their homes. An experienced attorney can help individuals get back on track financially.

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