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Before seeking loan modification, consider facts

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2015 | Firm News, Loan Modification vs. Bankruptcy

As the housing crisis hit, many homeowners turned to a loan modification as a means of keeping a home. However, there are several factors and truths about the loan modification process that Florida homeowners may want to investigate before thinking it is the only option. While a loan modification can be helpful, without proper guidance and facts, a homeowner may be missing out on more appropriate options such as filing for bankruptcy.

One truth about a loan modification is the impact on a credit rating. In order to qualify for a loan modification through a lender, a homeowner needs to be behind at least 90 days in mortgage payments. This immediately affects a person’s FICO score and that can lead to other financial strain.

A loan modification is also a temporary solution to what may be a serious financial crisis for a family. The principle on the mortgage will not be reduced through a loan modification. For those who owe more on a house than it is worth, staying in the house thanks to a loan modification may not make economic sense in the long-term.

Under the right circumstances, a loan modification can be lifesaver for a Florida family. However, no one should think it is the only option when a financial crisis, such as unemployment, has made it difficult for a family to keep up with a mortgage. Other options, such as bankruptcy, can help homeowners discharge other debt, thereby making it easier to keep up with a mortgage or regain some stability in all financial matters for the future.

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